Thursday, June 12, 2008

Trip down "sketchbook" memory lane...

I was glancing back through an old scketchbook from about 4 years ago and stumbled across some drawings that I liked. I let my kids and my husband doodle a line, and then I made something out of it. Before I started my part of it, however, I traced their doodles on tracing paper and taped it into my sketchbook as an overlay (just to remind us how it started).

Here's a couple of the finished drawings next to their original line doodles.

I kind of like these more than some of the more recent stuff I've been doing - not quite sure why. But, this was back before I was seriously considering illustration as a career. This was strictly for drawing fun.


Eric Orchard said...

Love the goggled cat especially.

sdzsmith said...

Thanks Eric! I had forgotten about him, but he may have to reappear in the future. I envision him peering out of the cockpit of a biplane, scarf blowing in the wind.