Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Audition...

It's the eve of the final "major" event regarding education for us this year. It's sign-ups for next fall's multi-family, multi-subject co-op that several of us launched this past year. Then, I can put the "big stuff" aside and slide peacefully into summer break (which consists of home improvement, a teesy bit of schooling - math never ends, and planning for next year).

Well be offering some really neat parent-led classes (we are homeschoolers afterall) - public speaking, art history (taught by "yours truly"), a girls "tween" club/devotion group, volleyball, money management for teens, and some literature-based activities for the younger set (stemming from classic children's picture books).

It's hard to get homeschooling families motivated to think about the fall in the spring, so it was a little hard getting commitment (everyone wants to take the classes - no one wants to lead). But, I've had several moms tell me that they'd like to teach in the spring (something in astronomy, inventors, and a literature discussion group - YEAH).

In the end, it's all worth the headache and stress that goes along with planning such things. Of course, there's always one person who complains about what's offered (all volunteer, by the way) or when it's offered. And, for some reason it's their ONE voice that seems to stick in your mind.

Anyway, enough of that. I'm sure you'd rather meet this talented fellow that appeared in my sketchbook the other day. Yep - you guessed it - one of my random doodles. However, it's one of those doodles that won't ever go anywhere. I can't imagine using it for anything. Don't tell him, though. He's really singing his heart out - I'd hate to burst his bubble.

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