Monday, June 16, 2008


June for our family is similar to Christmas time because of all of the birthdays and celebrations - seems like we're constantly present-shopping for friends and family during this month. My own birthday was last weekend, and this weekend was my son's (Saturday) and my father-in-law's (Sunday). It was a very nice weekend - lots of family time. As you can see, my son needed a fire extinguisher to put out the candles on his cake (13! A teenager!!).
I did manage to squeeze in an hour or two at the drawing table tonight. I'm still plugging away at the redo of the chicken drawing - hopefully I can finish in the next day or two and share the results. I'm really glad I redid it! There aren't a lot of changes, but what I did change adds quite a bit. I've been observing signs around town as I drive home from work - got honked at the other day because I failed to notice that the light had turned green. Too busy noticing a neon bar sign. As a result, the neon sign in the picture is MUCH improved - a real sense of glow. Can't wait to share.

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