Friday, April 18, 2008

Ahhhhhh...Peace and Quiet (and Back to the Book)

It's almost 1:00 a.m. here and I got home from work about a 1/2 hour ago. I should go to sleep since tomorrow is our day to finish all projects for the History and Science Fair, and I would probably fall asleep pretty quickly. However, there's something about being the only one awake - quiet, uninterrupted time - I just have to enjoy it for a little bit.

So, what's the first thing I do when I get home? I head to the sketchbook to try to fix some of those things I was lamenting about in the last post. As tired as I was of working on it, I knew that some of the things that bothered me could be changed. Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

A flat head can easily be fixed (if you're a drawing anyway). And, I happen to really like the result of drawing with an eraser - the soft smudginess of it.

A mouth can be fixed as well. And, that reminds me...I had to rush my daughter off to soccer practice right after my last post when my aggravation was still fresh. As a drove, I kept looking in the rear view mirror to see what my mouth looked like open, in surprise. It was only after my daughter said, "Mom, what are you looking at?" that I remembered I wasn't alone in the car.

So, I took a photo of the changes I made so you can see the difference (before on the left, after on the right). It's still not perfect - not something I look at and say "slam dunk" or anything. But, at least the figure has taken a small step toward something a little more natural. I think it's better, but I don't know. Maybe some of you liked it better before (?).

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Romina QuirĂ³s said...

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your works are very sweet. I like them.