Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bathing Beauty...What To Do About the Background?

One of the things on my list of self-imposed "assignments" to do was a drawing with a limited value range, since I tend to use the full range of 6H to 9B. I attempted one in the dark range, which I recently shared. Now, I'm working on one in lighter range.

I had intended to do one of swimmers/beach-goers all standing in a cluster. I envisioned that they would be of various body types from short and squat to tall and lanky, various ages from child to grandparent, all with summer accessories (floaties, towels, snorkels, masks, goggles, etc.). But, as I started working on it, I focused in on one little girl figure and decided to just go with her.

I'm showing her in a couple different stages. Sorry the 2nd picture is pretty poor - it was photographed indoors. I'll have to repost that picture when I get a better one.

It reminded me of my youngest daughter a couple years ago. We were visiting a water park and she had put on every floating device she could get her hands on. She had water-wings, a tube floatie, AND a life jacket. The lifeguards had gotten a chuckle out of it - no one would have to save her from drowning!

Anyway, I'm sure you'll notice that it's just a little girl in a big white space. I'm at a loss for what to put in the background. Palm trees, lounge chairs, a pool, the ocean. It's so difficult sometimes to picture the background when it's completely blank. Other times, I know exactly what should be back there. Something I have to work out...

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