Sunday, April 13, 2008

Anatomy Update and a Possible Trip to Body Worlds

I have currently been working on the muscular system for my anatomy study. I wouldn’t exactly call it an “in-depth” study because I can really only spend 15 minutes at a time while on break at work.

I’ve enjoyed working with the muscles more than bones. There are so many bones requiring small or narrow shapes, and I could sit there for hours figuring them all out. In that case, only having 15 minutes is probably a good thing. It forced me to really focus and analyze quickly.

Drawing the muscles has been less of a chore, and it’s been interesting to see what actually makes all the bumps and creases that I observe while drawing the surface. I can now see the muscles as shapes that fit together like a puzzle. And, in doing this, drawing the figure is less daunting – all those peaks and valleys are starting to make sense.

I shared bones of the skeleton (frontal), hand, and foot before. So, here’s a rear view (although I made the pelvis to big and I haven’t yet adjusted it). Also, here are the muscle studies I’ve done so far (frontal views).

Since we’re on the subject, there’s a human body exhibit that just opened at the Los Angeles Science Center called Body Worlds. I guess it’s been somewhat controversial, although I don’t know those details. It consists of actual plasticized human bodies, showing the different systems. My son’s Science Co-Op is will be studying the human body for the rest of the year, and we’re trying to decide if it’s worth it to take the trip (about 2 ½ hours away – gas prices currently about $3.85/gallon here for the “cheap” stuff).

I’d love to take my sketchbook, but it’s hard to sit and draw when I also have to monitor my younger kids. Maybe I could leave the youngest at home – or take daddy along. Anyway, has anyone seen this exhibit? It’s been touring worldwide.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Diane,

Body Worlds is definitely worth the trip! Absolutely amazing exhibit! And don't forget your sketch book. You will enjoy it :-)