Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Going Colorful...

Today was busy, busy, busy - the last teaching day of our big, multi-subject co-op. We still have our end of year picnic in 2 weeks, but at least I can cross off one of my teaching responsibilities for the school year.

There was definitely no drawing time today, so I dusted off this old relic from about 4 years ago. This was before I seriously returned to art and illustration; an exploratory work with colored pencil (this blog's needing some color these days). The expressionistic color palette that I've mentioned is obvious here.

Anyway, now that the anatomy studies are done, I've decided to abandon working from books or from doodled inspirations at the moment and look more at the real world for a while. The bookstore where I work is located in a mall, so there's an abundance of subject matter there that I never really considered. So, now on my breaks, I just step outside of the store and draw what I see - people, clothing displays, mall foliage (is that stuff real?).

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Shawna said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. Great action in this illustration. Of course I don't mind a link to my blog, it's very flattering. :)