Friday, April 11, 2008

Direction, At Last

I realized during this last doodle that I was in a "valley" in terms of my drawing. I had finished up some projects from before, I work on anatomy studies while on break at work, but I didn't have a specific focus at home.

I started the doodle because I wanted to keep drawing. But, it didn't feel like anything special - just business as usual - lacking direction. I was reminded of cable news anchors - they keep on reporting the news even when nothing new has happened. But, when some big news story breaks, there's new energy and excitement as if there's no end to what they could discuss and analyze.

That's how I feel now, because I'm suddenly flooded with possibilities. In my next few drawings, I'd like to explore value a bit further. I've done a lot with full value ranges, but I'd like to put some limits on that and see what happens (I know in theory - just haven't had the opportunity to practice it).

Also, I'd mentioned being interested in color. There are a lot of great articles on James Gurney's blog, Gurney Journey, that I would like to explore further. I was running low on some of my acrylic colors which I just replaced today. So, I think I can finally go forward with some of the color wheel studies that I've wanted to try.

Here is just a goofy painting I did just to try out the acrylic retarder I picked up (my painting skills leave a lot to be desired). The instructions really emphasized not to mix more than 30% retarder to paint, so I tried not to overdo it. While it extended the drying time a bit for the paint on the palette, it really didn't extend it very much on a whole. Of course, that's probably because I didn't have a lot of paint, so I was working thin.

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