Monday, April 14, 2008

Facing Expression and Body Language (Naturally)

I've started a new doodle in my sketchbook that's presented a new challenge for me. Normally, I'll just let the doodle lead until it's done. But, because I want to study more a focused aspect of my drawing (in particular using only the darker end of the value scale and more dramatic light), I've attempted a takeover. I spent almost an hour trying to render a hand - in a rather complicated pose - only to decide that the idea really wasn't going to work in the drawing at all. Since I was quite happy with how the hand turned out, I couldn't bring myself to erase it until the next morning.

But, I kept the original elements of the doodle and started considering other images to include. I ended up placing a figure in it (more than just the hand, anyway) and stumbled upon yet another part of illustration I've been needing to explore - facial and body expressions.

There are so many variations that the face and body can put together! Some are easier to convey. However, to create certain feelings, moods, or reactions in a character that seem NATURAL and fluid is the issue at hand.

I've included a past sketchbook page from a few months ago where I scribbled out some basic facial expressions. But, for the drawing I'm working on now, I'm having to rework things to express the right reaction throughout the body without it coming across as 'wooden.'

I'll share when I get somewhere with it. However, the History & Science Fair is on Saturday and my kids each have different displays they're entering. It's going to be tough to carve out time this week.

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