Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Background Setting - The Saga Continues...

I spent what little drawing time I had today trying to figure out the setting for the bathing beauty in my sketchbook. Here, I've uploaded an only slightly better picture than before (although not much).
I tried a couple different things in the background - lounge chairs, a pool. There didn't seem to be a good place for the horizontals to pass behind the body, and whatever I did put in seemed to compete with the polka-dot floatie that I happen to like.

So, you can see in this picture that I've roughly sketched in the edge of the pool in the foreground and I like that a little better. I also have a bag and towel that I may, or may not keep in the scene. Seeing it on the screen, I feel like it should be moved closer to the figure. Also, if I keep it, I feel like there needs to be something else in the scene as well...but what?

Of course, these days it seems like unexpected challenges creep into my drawings beyond those I originally set out to explore. I suppose that's just where I'm at in my studies. I'd love to be at the point where I have so much experience that I can just follow an idea to it's completion. Is there such a point? However, in this case, I've never rendered water in a pool, so that's something new I'll have to explore.
I do enjoy solving the puzzles that each drawing presents. I just wish I had more time.

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