Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ta Daaaa!

So, here it is – my latest sketchbook doodle.

As you can probably see, it has some characteristics that are definitely “me.” However, as I noted before, I was pleasantly surprised to see this Art Deco-esque sort of character emerge. She’s a little more sophisticated than some of the other characters that I’ve worked on recently.

Of course, probably the first image I saw in the lines was cat-like (what’s with the cats already?!?). So, I played around with other lines until something else started coming through. My daughter said she was mermaid-like at the beginning, but she turned into “Mother Nature.”

I really couldn’t think of a good background, and I was afraid that the small details in the foreground would get lost (like they did for the clowns). So, she stands alone. Her pose reminds me of a conductor of an orchestra, and I could envision her having animals and birds around her. The animal studies I work on would come in handy for this. It’s definitely something to think about for a future completed work. But, that would require a large chunk of time – better left for summer.

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Raluca C said...

I like this mother nature and her''ta-daa'':))!!